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Expressing without Undressing

Meet the Joey Pump and Milkeaze Cups

Pump milk wherever you are, whoever you’re with, with your clothes on, and your hands free.

Looking for a pump? Joey Pump is Australia’s first completely hands-free and wearable breast pump.

Already have a pump? Milkeaze Expressing Cups replace the hand-held flanges on your existing pump, making the pump you have completely hands-free.

Slip Joey or Milkeaze right into your bra and go live your life, all while pumping at the same time. Your milk collects right in the cups!

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Smart, Safe & Sterilisable

Easy pour, easy clean with certified safe materials

No really, it’s comfortable

Soft silicone breast shields with multiple size inserts included in the box.

Love my milkeaze cups! SO much more comfortable than standard pumping shields. I still get the same volume as the standard pump set up, but way more conveniently!

Emma, NSW

These were a lifesaver allowing me to express whilst having my lunch/doing some paperwork/running around a amidst a busy birthsuite shift! Thoroughly recommend 👌

Kendra, QLD

I found them easy to use and clean and although it looks like a lot of parts it actually all goes together quite easy. Simple and quick to get started and use... Customer service has so far been excellent as well.

Jaimi-Lee, WA

Insanely better! And it DOESN’T HURT?!? I didn’t realise pumping was sore when I was doing it before, until I could compare to this 😂

Anona-mum, QLD

I’m so impressed with these hands free cups. They’ve certainly made things a lot simpler when it comes to pumping with a newborn.

Dani, QLD

Works with our current breast pump seamlessly, mum-to-be is very excited to be using it

Frank, NZ

Love using these - they fit into all of my bras and leave my hands free while I pump. Easy instructions to use with my spectra. I haven't noticed any less output than the spectra pumping kit. The milk storage bags are also awesome!

Ilze, QLD

..I absolutely love them! One of the things I've been struggling with most is trying to fit pump sessions in. Being able to pick my baby up without navigating the bottles on my chest, to lean across the stove to cook dinner, or the sink to wash bottles 🥳 Soooo glad I bought them!

Maddy, VIC

It’s been so amazing to have them. I’ve been able to pump while I am out so much more easily . I recently used them at my Antenatal group walk and the mums and bubs movie..

Saba, NZ

Such a great product! Would highly recommend these. Exactly what I was looking for. Works perfectly with my Eonian pump.

Lisa, QLD

I've finally managed to try the cups! I love them and I can confirm they are definitely compatibel with the Eonian...

Evon, VIC

My wife used the product with her Medela Freestyle flex and she found it really helpful to free her hands so she can do other tasks while pumping. The product also allowed her to pump discretely and cleaning is easy (dishwasher safe) which is a bonus.

Gabriel, NSW

It was an easy purchase as the package includes everything you need. With the Spectra S2 pump even though I could not exactly move around the house, using the hands-free cups I could read to my toddler, register my newborn's birth or fold the laundry as I was pumping!! Post purchase support is excellent.

Reema, QLD

So easy to use, convenient, comfortable & no need to wear an uncomfortable & awkward pumping bra. They have made my return to work much less stressful & my express breaks a breeze.

Chloe, QLD

Great means I can pretty much continue working while pumping - have to pump a bit longer to get similar volumes 20min vs 15min but worth it to be able to do stuff at the same time !

Anon, NZ

Bought the cups to pump at work. Was a little bit of learning curve at first, more parts than the standard flanges, but now I can put it together blindfolded lol. The inserts didn't work for me, so I'm pumping with the 21mm included but doesn't affect my output and the silicone makes it comfy anyway. I'm happy that I can pump and not worry about exposure!

Anon, WA

As a busy mum of 3 these cups have been game changing. I love the freedom of being able to discreetly pump while getting things done. With my previous 2 children I hated pumping as I felt exposed, trapped in the one spot and it was time consuming. I find these cups incredible, I just pop them in and continue on.

Megan, TAS

I ordered these in the hopes that they might make my life a bit easier and they have exceeded my expectations! I have been using them with both the Spectra S1 and Spectra 9 plus pumps and I’ve been getting larger volumes with them than I did with the standard Spectra breast shield and bottle collection sets. They fit well inside my bra and are relatively discrete though a little Dolly Parton-esque. I particularly love that the entire surface that is in contact with the breast is soft silicone rather than hard plastic like most pump sets.

Rhiannon, QLD

I love the Milkeaze cups! I found them really handy for when I am travelling in the car or going to a family member’s house and I need to pump there.

Angela, NSW

Customer service has been good & the cups are also good. I did some research via breastfeeding/ pumping groups on Facebook before deciding to buy the cups & my experience has been positive!

Rebecca, WA

Once I figured out the right settings for my pump it was no looking back. Hello free hands! I am able to give my daughter her EBM top up while pumping which means more time for cuddles and less time holding onto pumping bottles and getting sore wrists. It's one of the best investments I've made! Thanks!

Bryony, QLD

The cups have been so amazing! I went back to work with a pumping bra and traditional expressing bottles and I found I just never felt comfortable as I still felt quite exposed and was struggling to get much milk at all! Now I feel so much more comfortable with the milkeaze cups, they are discreet and you aren’t exposed at all.

Sarah, WA

Love it! I use it with my spectra and works very well. No issues with dishwasher. Feels sturdy and and comes together nicely. No leaks and no backflow into the tubing. Highly recommended!!

Sab, QLD

Super simple to use and pump volumes as good as, if not better, than my normal flange/pump set up with Medela Freestyle. As a GP, my time at work is precious and I’ve previously missed pumps or had to delay finishing paperwork and miss out on lunch in order to pump. Hands free pumping has overcome this issue entirely. I even manage to get sessions in during my work commute which is invaluable!

Anon, WA

Absolutely amazing! I got these so I could discreetly pump at work! I can pump in the car while driving, still cook my dinner and eat lunch without anything in the way! I wish I found these sooner! Honestly a lifesaver and has made me feel a lot less anxious about pumping at work. Such a good price as well. Will always tell my breastfeeding mummas about this product!

Anastasia, QLD

I am very happy with my Milkeze cups. They are very comfortable and easy to use. It’s been a game changer to be able to pump and feed at the same time making those overnight pumps more achievable. My supply has actually increased as I have found pumping more manageable with the cups so have been doing it more frequently.

Josie, VIC

The concept is AMAZING My pack arrived quickly The cups can hold a really decent amount of liquid

Anon, ACT

Loved the hands free aspect of these cups without having to change to a pumping bustier. Along with a portable pump these cups allowed me to get on with other tasks while pumping, ultimately saving time.

Anon, QLD

This is the best thing I've brought, I only wish I had them when my other babies were born. So comfortable to use, perfect for multitasking! Easy to assemble and wash. I will never go back to pumping with bottles!

Ashlee, VIC

I have been full time expressing for 5 months with my Spectra, but I wanted more freedom and purchased these pumps. I pump 150ml more a day, but still pump the same amount of times. These are easy to use and clean, and have given me so much more flexibility in the day. At first I thought they lacked a timer, but they turn off after 30 minutes, so you can still time your pump lengths. A great product, everything I wanted in portable and cordless pumps!


The colostrum setting on Joey "golden liquid" wow I love this product so much! 😍 1 time mum Pumped 1st I got 15ml colostrum 2nd time I got 8ml!! In total 23ml of colostrum in only 2 DAYS!!!! THIS IS AMAZING FOR BREAST MILK AND COLOSTRUM HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Shadi D @username
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The cups that give back

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