Getting Started With Milkeaze

We've been there before and we are here to keep supporting Mama's doing their best to adapt to a whole new life of newborn snuggles, milestones and of course feeding our hungry bubba's! Check out our FAQ pages for more info on what pump suits you best, or drop up an email!

It’s easy, we promise

We’ve put together some resources to get you going. Make sure you check out the full user guide below. We’ll also send it to your inbox when your cups are on the way. 

User Guide

What size breast shield will I need?

Breast shield fitting
Immediately after 5 minutes of pumping (not breastfeeding) use a string or measuring tape to measure the nipple. Work out the diameter using the diagram on the right. Use this measurement to choose the correct sized breast shield insert

The basics

Let’s get you started

Milkeaze replace your flanges

Cups collect the milk under your clothes


Connecting your pump

We may not have every model on our videos, there are a lot of compatible pumps! If you don’t see your compatible pump, and are having trouble connecting, please contact the Milkeaze team. We’re always adding new videos, so keep an eye out

Medela Freestyle

Medela tubing

Spectra s9

Spectra S1/S2

Philips Avent

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