About us - Our Story

We get you

Milkeaze was born from a true need and deep understanding of what it's like to have a new little human. Here's our story: 

Here at Milkeaze we are doctors, business owners, but most of all parents. It's safe to say both our biggest and littlest achievements are our kids. Our journey started when our youngest was born. She was induced in a hurry after we found out she had stopped growing in the womb. She was born small and sleepy, and didn't feed well for weeks. Breast feeding was tough and she was slowly dropping off the growth curve.  We fell down the rabbit-hole of triple-feeding, with pumping and topping up multiple times a day to help her grow. There was a lot of time spent on the couch with very little time to do anything else. Having hands free during these times was something we needed, but didn't have, affecting our ability to care for our toddler and bond with our newborn. We knew there had to be a way to give her what she needed while still being able to do life. Queue Milkeaze. We developed these cups to make them an excellent and accessible solution for Australian and New Zealand mums. 

Not only having a new baby, but also delivering babies for a living gives us a unique perspective on a super exciting but super challenging time. Boy is it tough! We are working hard to make the lives of new mum's just a little bit easier.

Women's health matters, let's bring it out of the shadows and talk about it! As a part of our commitment to dealing with the hard stuff, we are partnering with various Women's health initiatives and charities locally and internationally. A portion of your spend goes straight back into helping the women who need it most. Check out our donations page to see where we're contributing currently.

We hope you love them as much as we do.