Milkeaze FAQ’s

Milkeaze expressing cups

Will Milkeaze fit my pump?

Check out the list below to make sure your pump is on it. If it isn’t, we may still be able to help you. Please get in touch with us at and we will see what we can do. 

Medela Freestyle, Swing, Swing maxi, Symphony

Spectra S1, S2, M1, S9, 9+

Avent Single and Double electric breast pump

Tommee Tippee Made for me

Ardo Carum, Calypso

Milkbar Advanced Single and Double breast pump

Eonian care Smart breast pump

Pumpables Genie, SuperGenie

BelleMa  Effective Pro, Plethora, Plentitude, Euphoria, S3, S5, E3, E5

When can I start using Milkeaze?

We recommend waiting till your milk has come in. If you are having issues with establishing your supply, please only use Milkeaze in combination with advice from your doctor, midwife or lactation consultant.

What can I do while using Milkeaze?

So many things! Basically you can do anything you like as long as you are upright and wearing a bra. You could also feed baby on one side while you express on the other side. We don’t recommend lying back or leaning forward while using the cups. Also, excessive jiggling may be a spillage risk (maybe wait till after Zumba to pump).

Will it be obvious that I am pumping?

Here at Milkeaze, we’re not about hiding. We’re not going to lie, the cups will definitely enhance your bust size. Let’s face it, they have to be big enough to hold 120ml of milk or it just wouldn’t be worth it. We will say this. It’s not as obvious as sitting there with your top off, holding bottles to your breasts. If you do need to be more discreet then plan to wear a loose top or a scarf over your clothes. We just want to make it easier to sit in your office without fear of your boss walking in to find you topless, or be able to pump without interrupting your coffee date

How do I know my nipple size?

Check out our sizing guide for the low down. The most important thing is to measure your nipple after at least 5 mins of continuous pumping, as pumping causes the nipple to swell. You never know till you’ve given it a go! That’s why it’s so great that we give you a few different options right in the box. The other thing to remember is that the “girls” may be different sizes. Hey, no judgement here! Don’t be afraid to try a different sized insert on each side.

Does is matter what my bra size is?

Nope! We’ve got you, whatever your size. As long as the cups fit in your bra, you’re good. The soft silicone breast shields mean Milkeaze moulds to your shape. The important thing is that you use the correct insert for your nipple size.

Why does the suction feel weaker compared to my pumps original breast shields?

There are a number of different things to check to ensure the suction is effective. Check out the troubleshooting tips for a step-by-step checklist. In essence, double check you have fitted your cups together correctly and that everything is on snug. Double check the attachment to your pump is tight. You could try using your pumps original tubing rather than the Milkeaze tubing, or vice versa. Also, it is normal to need to use a higher setting on your pump than you normally would, especially if using a the Y-tubing. It’s just physics. 

Sometimes, though the suction feels less, you are still expressing milk just fine. It feels like less suction because Milkeaze is simply more comfortable than many other flange sets. If you’re getting enough milk, don‘t change a thing!

Why am I not getting as much milk as with my pumps original breast shields?

Check out our trouble shooting tips to make sure you have optimised the set up and fit of the Milkeaze cups. Every woman and every body is different, so we expect everyone will have a different result. We can’t guarantee you will get the same volume of milk as you do from your original flanges, but we can guarantee Milkeaze makes pumping much more convenient.

How can I tell if milk is being expressed into the cups?

Some women hear the milk falling into the cup, some don’t, but there really isn’t a good way to see the milk filling. That’s the pay-for for being able to keep your clothes on. We recommend you visualise the cups while putting them in to make sure they are sitting correctly over your nipples, and if you are unsure if you have let-down, peak down your top a few minutes into the pumping session. Some women find it helpful to shine their phone torch down their top. It is normal for the cups to fog up, I mean let’s face it, you’re hot stuff Mama. Just by-the-by, There may even be some evidence that you get more milk when you don’t watch as you pump!

When do I need to replace the parts on my Milkeaze?

Overall, Milkeaze cups should last on average 1 year with routine use. If using heavily, they may need to be replaced sooner. If you don’t use them much then they might even last you longer. The most fragile part of the cup is the duck-bill valve. They may need replacing every 2-3months. Luckily we set you up with extras right from the start. If you feel they aren’t working well, are loose, or look damaged and need more, please contact us at

What bra should I use?

This one needs a bit of trial and error. Usually you need something firm and stretchy, but comfortable, think sports bra. Have a bit of a play to see what works best for you. 

Can I use Milkeaze to increase my supply?

Milkeaze is not a therapeutic device, but rather is intended as a supplement to breastfeeding and expressing. If you are having problems with supply please see your doctor, midwife or lactation consultant. 

What if I produce more than 120ml per breast?

Firstly, go you! What an absolute legend. We recommend that you check your cups a few minutes into pumping and empty your cups if they’re getting close to the 120ml mark. There is a risk of spilling milk if you overfill the cups. The cups have volume levels on the side so you can easily see how much you have pumped.

Liquid-Gold Milk Storage Bags

Can I reuse the bags?

Although these bags are made of high quality food grade plastics, we discourage any reuse of these bags for breast milk storage. It’s a one time thing.

Can they be recycled?

Absolutely! Recycle in conjunction with your nearest soft plastics recycling partner. Visit to find your closest depo.

Can milk be warmed in the bags?

Yup, it sure can. Warm the storage bags in warm to hot (but not boiling) water until the milk is the optimal temperature.

Don’t submerge them in boiling water or place in the microwave. It’s not good for the milk or the bag.

Can I freeze milk in the storage bags?

Definately! We have made sure they are compatible with the fridge or freezer, and they can be laid flat or sit upright.

How long can expressed milk keep in the fridge or freezer?

No one has the perfect answer, however the clever chaps at the CDC and the Australian breastfeeding association have given us some useful guidelines to help!

How do I stay stocked up on bags?

Sometimes you just need more! Here at Milkeaze we’ve made it super convenient to stay stocked up. After your first purchase, keep an eye in your inbox. We’ll send you a code that gets you free shipping whenever you purchase 2 or more packs of milk bags in Australia, or 3 or more in New Zealand.


How long will shipping take?

Shipping times are unpredictable at the moment, blame it on the “Rona”. Our shipping partners are unable to estimate domestic shipping at present, but we are staying in touch to bring you the info as soon as we know it. International shipping can be up to 20+ days. For now we are only shipping to Australia and New Zealand.

We generally ship your purchase within 1 business day.  

How much will shipping cost?

We don’t want you to pay more than you need to to get your stuff. That’s why we charge based only on what you buy.

What we have done is cap the shipping rate to help you get what you need without the sting of exorbitant shipping. The absolute max you will pay is.. 

Standard shipping:

Australia — max $9.50

New Zealand — $20.00

Express shipping:

Australia — $16.00

New Zealand — $30.00

If your little gem fits in a standard envelope, that’s all we’ll charge you for. 


Australia — $2.00

New Zealand — $2.50

But wait, there’s more. If you’re coming back for more milk bags, you’re in luck! Check your inbox for a free shipping code to replenish your milk bag supply.