5 Practical Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Pregnant Mamas

Tiny tush baby cakes baby shower gifts


Written by Amanda Gomes

Tiny Tush Baby Cakes



Becoming a mum is pure joy. But along with it comes broken sleep, learning how to swaddle (a skill I’m still yet to master), googling at 2am why your baby is making weird noises, wearing pads, well, everywhere, and trying do things one handed. Note, if you can spread peanut butter on your toast while holding your baby in the other hand you have definitely nailed this skill!

As a mum of two, I can tell you that when you’re searching for a baby shower gift, any present that is going to help mum survive the newborn haze will definitely be appreciated.

From experience, here’s my list of practical baby gifts that mamas will go bananas for:

Baby shower gifts nappy cakes
  1. Nappies

Did you know that on average newborns go through approximately 10 nappies a day!? That’s 280 in a month and 840 nappies just in the first 3 months. When you’re down to your last nappy and can’t get to the shops (because baby decided that your chest is the perfect place to nap) a stockpile of nappies is a lifesaver. For an impressive baby shower gift idea, wow mum-to-be and her guests with a nappy cake. Filled with essential baby items, it makes a stunning centrepiece at the baby shower and mum will love deconstructing it to make use of all the goodies.

  1. Muslin wraps

This is one baby shower gift that keeps on giving. Swaddles, bunny rugs, muslin wraps, whatever you call them, they are hands down the most versatile baby item out there. When the washing has piled up these are great to use as a substitute change mat, blanket for tummy time or as a burp cloth. When I’m out and about I always keep one in my nappy bag and use it for some privacy while breast feeding or as a blanket on our park visits when my 3-year-old requests an ad hoc picnic!

 Milkeaze Handsfree Cups

  1. Hands free breast pump

This is the ultimate baby shower gift. Give the gift of time with a Milkeaze hands-free pump. If only this existed when my daughter was born! She weighed just over 2kg at birth and was in the special care nursery for two weeks which meant lots of pumping. Pumping for each feed plus pumping to top up her feeds to help her gain weight. I was forever sitting and pumping, and I hated not being able to do anything else! Make mum a multitasking queen who can pump while going about her day.

  1. Onesies (with zips).

Remember the zip part. We don’t need press studs to contend with when trying to change bubs at 3am after they have peed through their clothes yet again. Onesies are a wardrobe staple for babies and they pretty much live in these for the first 6 months or more. I’ve found that most people gift newborn sized clothes at baby showers so remember to buy some bigger sizes for baby’s wardrobe. Mum will be thankful for some larger sized clothes stored for when baby suddenly goes through a growth spurt overnight and nothing seems to fit.

  1. Something for mum

In the early days you’re feeding non-stop, hardly sleeping, trying to keep up with the housework, plus looking after your other kids too! A voucher for a meal delivery will most definitely be appreciated and is a baby shower gift idea that’s sure to be a winner.


So, there you have it. My motherly wisdom on baby shower gift ideas that aren’t boring and will help mum cope as she adjusts to her new life with a baby. Now you can take all the credit for giving an amazing gift!



Tiny tush baby cakes baby shower gifts
Amanda lives in Melbourne with her husband, 4-year-old daughter and 6-month-old son. She juggles working as a secondary school teacher and running her online baby gift business Tiny Tush Baby Cakes, where she creates baby shower nappy cakes and gift boxes for baby, mums and soon-to-be mums. Being a mum of two, she knows what’s-what when it comes to gifting for mums and newborns. Tiny Tush Baby Cakes was born from her love of creativity and desire to help those who don’t know what to buy or can’t congratulate the new or expecting mum in person, give an impressive and practical gift.

You can find her here:

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