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Welcome to motherhood...

Gone are the days you can leave the house with nothing but your phone in your pocket. Byeeeee! You're a mum now! It may come as a little bit of a shock how much you actually have to pack now - even when you're just heading out for a quick coffee! You will get used to it though, I promise. You might even come to love it! I for one can't believe I've gone for so long without having wet wipes always within reach. How!? Why? They're so convenient.

Nappy bag essentials, what to pack. Milk&Poppy

Absolute essentials

The things you really REALLY shouldn't leave home without. Always keep the following stocked:
• Nappies - duh! They don't call it a nappy bag for nothin'.
• Wet Wipes
• Muslin swaddle - they have a hundred and one different uses! I would keep 2 in
there actually.
• 1 spare set of baby clothes.
• Water bottle.
• Hand sanitiser.
• Phone.
• Wallet.
• Keys.

Nappy bag essentials, what to pack. Milk&Poppy

Should haves

You can get away without these things, but they are very helpful to have in your nappy bag:
• Snacks.
• Rash cream.
• Toys - a chew toy and a rattle.
• Comforters - a soft toy and a dummy.
• Sunscreen.
• Hats.
• Sunglasses.
• Small first AID kit - bandaids, panadol, etc.

Some little luxuries

These things are nice to have packed in your nappy bag to feel extra organised:
• A little mum toiletries bag - BB cream, mascara, lip balm, deodorant etc.
• Scrunchies and hair clips.
• Chewing gum.
• Coffee keep cup.
• Bonnets and bows for baby.

Nappy bag essentials, what to pack. Milk&Poppy


For toddlers

If you have a toddler as well you'll want to chuck these in for them:
• Spare set of clothes and underwear if toilet trained.
• Nappy if not toilet trained.
• Hat.
• More snacks... like a lot more snacks! Where do they put all that food!?
• A book or interactive toy.
And that should have you covered!

Is there anything else you would add to the list? Share your wisdom with us in the comments!


Nappy bag essentials, what to pack. Milk&Poppy Kassie Callaghan
Kassie is an Australian mum of two girls under two. Passionate about all things pregnancy, birth, postpartum and motherhood, she loves to support and empower mums by sharing her experiences honestly. Her love of art and creativity lead to her starting Milk & Poppy, where she designs gorgeous, practical and quality pieces for mums and babies. Milk & Poppy’s products are created with love and attention to detail - all prints are hand drawn by Kassie herself and her bag designs have been made after trying and testing many nappy bags herself.

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