Breast Feeding Lingo

You found out you’re pregnant! There’s so much to prepare, so much to organise, so much to learn. This kid is about to launch you into a whole new world, and one that comes with it’s own lingo. Lactation is just the best isn’t it, but it’s also roller coaster of emotions. Sometimes you just have to laugh so you don’t cry.

Today we’re not here rehash all the standard advice (how to position baby, how to latch, what pump to buy, what formula is best). As we coast into the Silly-Season, its time to get a little bit, well, silly.

Read on for our completely random, completely non-exhaustive list of breast feeding lingo:


Image credit to @Jiggypuzzles 😍

Nip lash:  That moment a bird flays past, your toddler drops a bowl, or a leaf simply rustles, and your breast suckling babe whips around to check it out without bothering to detach themselves first.

Nip slip: When you forget to do up the clasp on your nursing bra because you just had to get going and the girls decide to make an appearance

Nipple flick: When your baby does a weird thing with it’s tongue and gums mid feed that really hurts! We don’t even know a better way to describe this one.. you’ll know it when it happens. 

Free pumping: When you unbutton that shirt and pump wherever the heck you want and just don’t care who sees the goods. (Not a situation we have to deal with here at Milkeaze ;) )

Shitty titty: That breast that just doesn’t want to pull its weight, always produces less than it’s twinnie, or the one that baby just doesn’t want to latch onto. There’s always one..

Milk drunk: That look that we live for on your baby’s face post feed where you know you’re going to achieve a successful cot transfer.

Milky mums: Mum’s who got milk.

Lactivist: Those of us who ardently support a baby’s right to breast milk whenever, wherever and however we choose to provide it.

Milk melons: How your breasts feel when your baby slept through.

Liquid Gold: This is the good stuff. That creamy, milky goodness that only you can make for your precious baby, Mama. Every drop is worth it’s weight in gold – you’ve all felt it in your soul when you accidentally tip over your EBM bottle, or when you try to get that last drop out of your pump.

Breast Crawl: Sounds a bit like a naughtier version of a pub-crawl, but it’s not. It’s better. This one is an official, legit, scientific term, but we love it anyway! How clever are those brand new minted babies when they make their way all on their own from their Mamas chest to the breast in those first few minutes and days after birth. You should definitely YouTube this one. 

Gymnurstics: The positions your infant chooses to take whilst still breast feeding. We’ve seen some good ones! Thank goodness those nips are stretchy.


So there you have it ladies. Let me tell you, there are 100’s more! Do you have a term you love? Share it with us below

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